Stories connect people emotionally. Whitewater Film Series is a brand that inspires and unites through cinematic platforms the adventures, challenges, and triumphs found in the outdoor lifestyle.  

Whitewater Summer Camp offers a place for children to develop a fondness for the outdoors from a young ageOur summer camps equip campers with knowledge and exposure to nature, outdoor hobbies, and environmental stewardship so they leave connected and engaged with the world around them. 

Music is a way of life. And the outdoor lifestyle is entwined with it. River Jam is a robust music program created by Whitewater to encourage people to get outside, even if it’s to relax or dance to live music. It is through these shared experiences that interaction occurs and communities thrive.

Outdoor School gives people the place and the expertise to equip themselves in outdoor educational areas. Outdoor School prepares both professional rescue teams and civilians alike to handle situations from national disasters to survival techniques.

Whitewater understands immersion in the active, outdoor lifestyle can be fostered in endless ways. Whitewater Yoga presents an opportunity for people to connect with the benefits of yoga in inspirational, outdoor environments.

Whitewater Race Series provides the opportunity for people to shed their comfort zone and challenge themselves in a competitive setting across a variety of disciplines.