If Only – Whitewater
if-only-story Photographer: Kern Ducote Location: Wild River Range, WY

If Only

If only… If only adventure was like some sort of sickness, and the cure could be found with some sort of cleanse, to flush the need for such things out of the body. Since I began journeying into the wilder places of the world, adventure has only become more intriguing, more provocative. The contrast between a life that society claims as normal (live to work) and the life I try to lead (work to live) has only grown more obvious. The need to venture into new experiences has become an integral part of who I am. I have listened to several people telling me they’d like to go on an adventure, hoping to “get it out of their system”. I can’t help but crack a smile. If only it worked like that… I’d be in a far different place than I am now, somewhere I’d probably rather not be. I probably wouldn’t have moved to Alaska. I probably wouldn’t have hiked the Appalachian Trail. I certainly wouldn’t have lead others to experience places I had never seen myself. I most definitely would not have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. If only I had gotten it out of my system…what a scary thought. I am delighted adventure doesn’t work that way. We try to evict and constrict adventure, like so many other things in life. No, the adventures and new experiences of life are what mold and form us into the people we are. I know I’d be a far worse person without mine, and I am so glad that they are not out of my system. If only we could get adventure into everyone’s system. – Kern Ducote is currently El Capitan of Content Creation with Patagonia’s Worn Wear Tour. For more of his work, check out http://www.kernducote.com/.
KD-4 Photographer: Kern Ducote Location: Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
KD-3-scaled Photographer: Kern Ducote Location: Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA
KD-2 Photographer: Kern Ducote Location: Grand Canyon, AZ
KD-1 Photographer: Kern Ducote Location: Eastern Sierra, CA