Large Format: The Himalaya – Whitewater
the tramserku and Kang taiga mountain group from east of Pangboche Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Tramserku
In 1972, I first visited the enchanted kingdom of Nepal and began photographing the Himalayas. In 2012, I travelled to the 22,000' advanced base camp north in Tibet and made photographs with the 8x10" camera of the North Col of Everest(Qomolungma) which represent the highest photos ever made with the large format view camera. Early on, I became aware that the Tibetans have called the mountain Qomolungma, Goddess Mother of the Universe, since the 12th century and the Nepali's call the mountain Sagarmatha, The Stick that Churns the Ocean of Existence. During their Survey of India in the 1840’s, the British determined the mountain to be the tallest in the world and realizing the geographic significance, named the mountain after George Everest, the Second Surveyor General of India. Although the British may have imposed the name which is most commonly accepted today, this mountain is regarded by its cultures and people with the utmost reverence and regard. It is imperative to recognize the historical and spiritual meanings of names originally given to natural wonders and landmarks by those who live in their shadows. To see more of Jeff Botz's work, visit
JB_22-scaled Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Sagarmatha (Everest), Kala Pattar
JB_4-2 Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Ama Dablam Dzhongla
JB_5-2 Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Ama Dablam Pokalde
jb33-scaled Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Taboche
JB_7 Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Qomolungma
JB_6 Photographer: Jeff Botz Location: Sagarmatha