Origins of Exploration – Whitewater
It is human nature to take a chance. To step away from the comfortable, from the familiar, and seek an unknown. To ask a question. Often, we don't know why we are asking these questions, or what we are looking for by asking them. But we ask. Once the question is asked, once the familiar is left behind, an exploration begins. The word explore is defined by the action of traveling through the unfamiliar in order to learn. We typically associate exploration with the great adventurers, thinkers and philosophers of human history. With an unparalleled, modern access to knowledge and information, it is easy to assume there is little left in the world to explore. Little left that is unknown to humanity, (without a genius' mind, a large amount of wealth to fund such an exploration, or an extraordinary amount of courage). To think like this, however, would be to forget that by our very nature we need to explore. As humans, we are constantly exploring our world, communities, history, natural environment, or even ourselves as individuals. Our personal explorations of what it means to be alive makes us the individuals we are taught to embrace as truly unique people. Because no two people are alike, we each explore something different in every moment or experience. Some seek more, some seek less. Some far and wide, some close and in-depth. The world is full of beauty, wonder and inspiration. No matter what you're interested in, where you live, how old you are or what you do for a living, allow a passion within to initiate your own chapter to explore.
CL_2 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location:
CL_9 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Upper Zambezi Watershed
CL_4 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Tanzania
CL_10 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Day 3, Zambezi River Multiday
CL_5 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Zambia Roadside
CL_8 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Zambia
CL_7-11-scaled Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location:
CL_6 Photographer: Cooper Lambla Location: Upper Zambezi Watershed