A Baffin Vacation

Searching for a romantic vacation? Try Baffin Island! Remember: an expedition is the same thing as a vacation, it just depends on your attitude. A Film by Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer Produced by Erik Boomer, Sarah McNair-Landry, and Rush Sturges Presented by Whitewater

Wind River High Route

Life brought many changes to each of our lives over the coming years. Babies were born, jobs changed, houses sold and bought—yet we each held onto the idea of finishing what we started.

Pack Even Lighter

Standing in the midst of nature’s epic rejuvenation, I hope to everything good and holy that I’ll be just as revived after a few nighttime hours lying horizontal in an emergency bivy at our upcoming camp spot.

The Traveller’s Ego

We exited an oppressive darkness through a hole of blinding light cut into a sweating tunnel wall. The sound of rushing cars and tinny horns echo behind us, as a stream of anger projects from the drivers roaring past. Bent over the handlebars of our bikes, our breath comes in frantic gulps.

Carry an Extra Paddle

“Telling a story is like reaching into a granary full of wheat and drawing out a handful. There is always more to tell than can be told.” – Wendell Berry As I stood in the Arctic twilight I took the clear skies above our camp as a good omen. Before ducking into my tent for […]

The Ferryman

The Ferryman chronicles the tale of the man charged with transporting hikers of the Appalachian Trail across the most dangerous water crossing on the 2,200 mile trek: the Kennebec River.