Glue Up

Look around any city long enough and you will find a Glue Up: climbing holds attached to an urban surface with industrial-strength epoxy. To know how they got there is to understand the local climbing scene. A Film by Andrew Kornylak / Presented by Whitewater

The Real World

I was terrified of living an easy life of going through the motions. This fear of the mundane drove me to this adventure.

Atlas Mountain Cycling Race

I was coasting downhill when another rider flew past me. My competitive fire was reignited and roaring, as if someone had doused gasoline on a spark. There was no way in hell this rider was going to finish before me.

Bikepacking Cumberland Island

The moment we left the ranger station, a transformation occurred – Cumberland Island unfolded in front of me as an untouched oasis of natural splendor.

A Baffin Vacation

Searching for a romantic vacation? Try Baffin Island! Remember: an expedition is the same thing as a vacation, it just depends on your attitude. A Film by Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer Produced by Erik Boomer, Sarah McNair-Landry, and Rush Sturges Presented by Whitewater

Wind River High Route

Life brought many changes to each of our lives over the coming years. Babies were born, jobs changed, houses sold and bought—yet we each held onto the idea of finishing what we started.