Trails Open TODAY

Mountain Biking + Trail Running + Hiking

Hike, run, or bike through the forest and alongside rivers, creeks, and lakes.

The Whitewater Center maintains over 50 miles of trails for mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners.  Use of the trail system does not require an activity pass. Please check the current trail status (at the top of the website) prior to accessing the trail system.

Green CircleNovice
Blue SquareIntermediate
Black DiamondExpert
Difficulty i Green CircleNovice Blue SquareIntermediate Black DiamondExpert

Trail Running/Hiking


Mountain Biking


Pass Options

  • No Pass Required

Bike Rentals

Bike rentals are available with an Activity Pass. Single-gear, hardtail mountain bikes included with pass. 12-speed hardtail ($10) and full suspension ($15) upgrades are available.

What to Wear

Helmet (Mountain Biking Only)

Helmets are required at all times while using a mountain bike.

Where To Check In

Trail Center


Trail Map



How can I find out if the trails are open/closed?

Trail status can be checked via the status light at top of any page (Green indicates Open Trails, Red indicates Closed Trails), or by calling Guest Services at 704.391.3900.

Why do you close the trails?

We close the trails to preserve the health of the trail system and for trail maintenance. This is the most sustainable way to operate trails with a high use pattern.

Can I still hike or run if the trails are closed?

When the trails are closed it means they are closed to all traffic. By keeping traffic off of the trails we allow the trails to rebound faster.